This website is your resource and destination for learning about and studying the psychology of men. The study of men and masculinity is currently splintered among a variety of different fields (psychology, sociology, biology, anthropology, cultural studies, etc), with each having unique perspectives and theories. My goal is that on this site, you will be able to get reliable information on the major concepts related to male psychology from a wide angle lens, ultimately integrating these elements into a model that can be applicable for everyone.

It is important as you read about gender to keep a very open mind. Much of what we may hold as conventional, cultural truths are actually not true. Instead, they have been ideas passed along throughout time that do not hold true across cultures and do not have a biological foundation. Instead, they are cultural creations that have harmed many people who do not fit into rigid dimensions. One such un-truth is that there is a gender binary (being only masculine/feminine), when in fact there is a very large spectrum of gender identity and expression. As the work deepens in these areas, this site will be updated accordingly.

Furthermore, there are many people that have used ideas about male psychology to harm, traumatize, kill, and oppress others, and justify doing so. This has been very harmful to the world, the field, to countless groups and individuals, and is a completely unjustfied. This website wants nothing to do with justifying or creating any type of harm and doing so is a gross misuse of information. Finally, a massive amount of the work on this is based on heterosexual, white, males. This means that comparatively little is known about the billions of people who do not share those statuses, so please read and apply with caution.

About Me
This site was created by Will Meek, PhD. I am a licensed psychologist in Oregon and Washington, and am currently employed as the Assistant Director of Counseling & Training at the University of Portland. I have a private counseling practice in Vancouver, WA , and I reside in Portland, Oregon. I am always interested in other ideas about masculinity and collaborations, and plan to begin a research program related to some of the concepts discussed on this page, so please do not hesitate to contact me here for anything.