Equate Acne Wash – Product Review

Unfortunately, at almost forty years of age, I still need to purchase products to keep my breakouts under control. Although usually only an issue for a week or two out of the month, my skin continues to behave as though my sixteenth birthday is just around the corner, instead of my fortieth.

I spotted Equate Acne Wash in Walmart among their vast offerings of skin care products. When compared to Neutrogena and other brand names in skin care, Equate Acne Wash was a bargain at only three dollars and change for a six fluid ounce bottle.

Equate Acne Wash contains two percent Salicylic Acid. Salicylic Acid has long been touted as an acne medication that clears up breakouts while reducing the output of pore clogging oil that acne sufferers produce too much of. Besides clogging pores, an excess of oil also contributes to an unattractive shiny look while causing makeup to disappear quickly or look sloppy.

Oily skin

After comparing Equate Acne Wash to similar facial cleansers with the same amount of Salicylic Acid and other ingredients, I determined that this product would save me more than a dollar.

Equate Acne Wash is used as other liquid facial soaps. After wetting the face, the product gets pumped into the hands and worked into a lather. I found that I needed to use at least three pumps of Equate Acne Wash to have an adequate amount of product to create enough lather to wash my face and neck.

The product is somewhat thinner than other comparable liquid facial cleansers. This was the first negative quality I discovered about the product.

The directions on the back of Equate Acne Wash’s bottle indicate that the product should be used twice a day. Previous experience with acne products containing Salicylic Acid has taught me that my skin reacts unfavorably to using too much of the product on a daily basis. My skin becomes dry, red and flakes when I overdo the cleansing products containing this acne fighting ingredient.

I decided to only use Equate Acne Wash once a day. After three or four days of using this product only in the morning, my face developed dry patches on my forehead and on the side of my nose. I could just imagine what my skin would have looked like had I used it twice a day as directed. I needed to apply extra moisturizer while using this product to combat the dryness.

Cleared up nicely

After a week of using Equate Acne Wash, I definitely noticed a difference in the appearance of my skin. My face looked less oily during the day and the two minor acne eruptions I had been previously treating cleared up nicely. This product effectively fights acne and excess oil at a reasonable price.

I would definitely suggest only using Equate Acne Wash once a day until you see how your skin reacts to the Salicylic Acid. Excess drying and flaking can be just as unattractive and annoying as breakouts and oily skin. Use the product sparingly and have a quality moisturizer on hand.