Weightrix Part II

I once had a client named Peggy who did nothing but change her diet for two months, and lost 31 pounds. Her only exercise was the once a week session at Tone in 12™.
Not understanding the grip that Weightrix™ had on our thinking, this experience should have allowed us to draw one single conclusion:

Weight loss is all about changing the diet, not exercise! Peggy was fat and unhealthy while doing my program, and became lean and fit while doing my program. The program didn’t change, and she didn’t start exercising more. All that changed was her diet. Remember this if you remember nothing else.

Just think about it

If you could work out for just 12 minutes per week, eat a diet that is completely indigenous to your digestive system, and radically transform your health and physique within 30 to 60 days, wouldn’t you do it? What more could you ask for?

However, Weightrix™ isn’t something that allows rational thinking to dictate behavior. Its chemical, social, psychological, economic, and behavioral grip on us is strong enough to derail living proof of miracles and the truth in general.

We were about to see this firsthand with two completely different client bases in two different states. Weightrix™ has no geographical boundaries in this country. It is largely a non-factor in most other developed nations, which is why Europeans, Asians, Russians, and Middle Easterners don’t have obesity problems (other than the ones we try to export).

1) Food is basically a drug

The food culture in this country is more powerful than any other drug, as food, in the context of overeating, has become the last defensible vice. The chemical component of Weightrix™, in addition to its economic and behavioral components, has made it so.

Despite the obvious impact on our health from overeating or eating nutritionally deficient foods, we don’t view a “poor diet”or”obesity” in the same light as we do other vices such as alcohol, smoking, or drugs.

2) People love their excuses

Regardless of how simple we make dieting, most people will find excuses for why they cannot follow it. This is a function of the behavioral component of Weightrix™. Because of the deeply entrenched sociological pressures to eat at nearly every function, eating man-made foods, and the behavior patterns that have been with us since childhood, becoming fat is a good bet for most people.

What looks like a lack of willpower is actually just a case of the deck being stacked in the house’s favor. Weightrix™ is the house, and its advantage is better than all the Las Vegas casinos put together.

3) People are confused

This much I understand. As someone who has taken twenty years of his life to sort out the tangled truth behind dieting and weight loss, I see many layers of confusion. This is the disinformation component of Weightrix™.

We have known for more than 100 years that weight loss is largely an energy balance equation of energy-in minus energy-out, and that it is easier to manipulate energy-in (eating) than the energy-out (physical exertion).

And we have known for 40 or so years that carbohydrate is the primary vehicle for fat storage, as the alpha glycerol phosphate molecule (only from carbs) is what binds free fatty acids into stored fat (triglycerides). In other words, no carbohydrate in the diet means no fat is stored but instead made available as the primary source of energy. It really is that simple, but no one seems to care.

These two facts-the energy-in/energy-out equation and the carbohydrate/fat storage phenomenon-are the only “Fat 101” absolutes, but once again, due to the totality of the pressures created by Weightrix™ and driven mostly by food and drug manufacturers, this truth has been largely suppressed. When presented with this information, the consciousness-numbing power of Weightrix™ simply generates a “so what” response from even the most educated of people.

Sadly, Peggy, my star client, eventually had to leave my program for financial reasons. I received an email from her four months later after one of my “star client” diet articles, which made me wonder whether or not there’s any hope at all for fat people with low consciousness. Her email to me said:

Hi Cyborg, I read your latest article and I wonder if you can send me details. Tom and I resumed our regular eating habits and we put back on all of the weight we had lost. My cholesterol has also gone up to 236 again. I would love to take the class again, but I just can’t afford it.

Take Care


To say that this email took the wind out my sails is like saying a prostate exam is an “eye opener.” I saw her a month later playing the slots at Mandalay Bay and simply rolled my eyes. I didn’t have it in me to confront her. Unbelievably, I actually felt bad for her, as she was just another body thrown into the Weightrix™ shredder.