Workouts and Food During Pregnancy

I was and still am a healthy eater. I never used to eat chocolate, but my weakness was coffee, I love it! So I still drank it until the doctor told me I couldn’t anymore.

I was at college, so the food isn’t the greatest but I still was able to make foods in my dorm that were healthy or could go downstairs to the restaurant and order a healthy wrap or sandwich. I always ate my vegetables as weird as it sounds and limited my fat intake.

I already took a vitamin everyday so I was getting the extra vitamins I couldn’t get in my foods and didn’t even know I needed it even more now. After I went to the doctor the first time I was praised for taking a multivitamin everyday because that will help the baby when he is born just like the prenatal will.

Food During Pregnancy

I went in to the hospital and had a smooth delivery with no complications. The doctor said maybe it was a good thing that I was so active so long in my pregnancy. My son is now 3 weeks old and he is so alert and doing things that 2 and 3 month old babies are doing. He found his hands very quickly and his nose.

He thought it was funny and started to chuckle a few days after he was born. At one week he was holding his head up on his own and would roll over when you lay him on his back.

He is sitting up on the couch and holding his head up trying to watch television like he completely understands it. Just yesterday he was scooting across my living room floor on his belly like he wanted to crawl. We joke around calling him a super baby, but he kind of is.

We honestly think this is because of the things I did when I was pregnant. Just because one person tells you that pregnant people aren’t allowed to do this or can’t do that, doesn’t mean that you can’t do it carefully.

There are so many myths about pregnant women and what is “not okay” to do that I didn’t follow and my child is developing just fine and is ahead of most babies his age.

Don’t let people discourage you and tell you that working out is not allowed or that it is bad for you while you’re pregnant. What you eat is important too so don’t just think that you can eat everything just because you’re “eating for two” because the baby needs all the nutrients and vitamins you do too so he/she takes them from you.

Make sure it's a healthier choice

So in return you do need to eat some extra, but make sure it’s a healthier choice and not just whatever you can get your hands on.

The main thing I want to stress is don’t get discouraged when you’re told not to do something because pregnant women can’t do that. If you are careful and know when to stop, you and your baby will be just fine and should have a smooth delivery and a smart darling baby!!